Our team spent the last year focused on one thing only: How to create an Instagram Cannabis Marketing solution for cannabis businesses that consistently delivers results that matter.

What is an Instagram follower?

Are followers just an illusory number? Some sort of vanity metric? Maybe for some other social media agencies and gurus out there BUT we think not.

For Cannagram, a follower is someone that sees the value in your message, someone that engages with your content, and someone that eventually becomes a raving fan.

We don’t simply find you new followers. We find you real, highly target prospects that can be converted into customers, ambassadors or even cult members.

How do we do it?

Well, Cannagram is a comprehensive recipe that combines state of the art social media tech, user behavioral data, and pragmatic evolutionary psychology (Sounds smart, heh?).

Our technology solution works symbiotically with Instagram’s API. This allows us to target and find users based on demographic and psychographic data.

We compare all this information with data from your brand/product and start developing customer personas based on what your ideal followers would look like. Where are they based? Which accounts do they follow? Is there a selection of keywords that they commonly use in their bio?

Once all the detective work is done, we move on to the engagement phase.

We noticed that people react differently to different types of engagement.
Ever open your IG DMs only to notice an unread message from someone shamelessly plugging their product? Pretty frustrating, right?

After extensive experimentation, we came up with a process that we call “Reciprocation bias growth model”. Although a bit of a secret I’m afraid, this process guarantees an astonishing follow back rate of over 70%. No need for spam.

When executed at scale, this process alone can yield between 500 to 900 qualified followers every 30 days. This means predictable and incremental growth…guaranteed.