How It Works

How does Cannagram work?

Cannagram helps you organically grow your Instagram following and engagement through cutting edge technology.

Getting Started

 Concierge Onboarding

One of our dedicated account managers will guide through our services and how Cannagram works.

Growth Session

Your success is our priority! Like any successful campaign, it all starts with understanding your goals and expectations.

Weekly Reports

Every week, you will receive a detailed performance overview to keep up on your account’s progress.

Advanced Growth Features

Engagement Booster

Our Engagement Booster is one of the best engagement solutions available today.

Content Strategy

The secret to a sustainable and prosperous cannabis account resides in a successful content strategy.

Hashtag Research

Choosing the right hashtags plays a pivotal role in increasing your content visibility. We help you leverage the power of a great hashtag strategy.

Location Targeting

Target highly qualified leads and users in your city, state or country.

Audience Targeting

Target your competitor’s audience or find users based on specific keywords.

Gender Targeting

Target the gender that better resonates with your content, brand or products.

Frequently Asked Questions

We guarantee at least 500 qualified followers every month. This number also depends on the nature of the account, whether you're a B2B or B2C business. We help you maximize your reach potential like no one else, but remember that content plays a massive role in this process.
We work with anyone who wishes to take their Instagram presence to the next level. Some of our clients include Influencers, Dispensaries, Brands, Farms, Media Outlets and more!
Depending on the package that you choose, we can provide content revision and creation services, content strategy planning, plug and play growth services, targeted engagement, and overall account optimization.
We developed an in-house solution that is deeply integrated with Instagram's API (Nerd Alert). That being said, our solution is not all numbers and algorithms. We use a combination of consumer behavioral data, evolutionary psychology elements, and the latest social media trends to provide you the best Instagram growth services available today.
Yes! All the followers are 100% human, and all the engagement comes from real accounts. We do not use nor tolerate bots, fake followers, or any other spammy/black hat shenanigans.
Don't worry! All the followers you gain through our service are yours to keep.
Absolutely! Our growth methodologies work within Instagram’s Terms of Use. Our practices are 100% legitimate and are considered white hat.

No accounts will be disabled as a result of using our growth methodologies. We also provide a risk mitigation framework centralized around content as it is, for the most part, the basis of why cannabis-related accounts are taken down.
However, if the client fails to follow through with our advice and continues to exercise a content strategy that goes explicitly against Instagram’s Terms of Use, there is a chance that the account will get disabled at some point.
As a risk contingency, our top tier packages offer an account recovery service that has a high success rate. In the rare case that we are not able to recover said account, the disabled account will be immediately replaced by a blank slate account with at least 1,000 followers.