At this point, the power of Instagram is pretty much undeniable. With Facebook’s organic reach at an all-time low and Twitter on an engagement limbo, Instagram has solidified itself as the number one social platform for anyone trying to organically grow their business.

With millions of cannabis users, Instagram has the potential to transform your idea into a 5-figure business in a matter of months.

If you’re looking to acquire more customers, generate B2B leads, or even turn your personal brand into an actual business, if done right, Instagram can be the platform to make that happen.

BUT…we know that Instagram and Cannabis aren’t necessarily best pals. Marketing cannabis content on Instagram can be a complicated journey filled with uncertainty if you don’t know what do.

There are plenty of unofficial guidelines and rumors of best practices all over the web. But why take the risk? Rather than learning from your mistakes, and wasting valuable time and money, let us help you achieve your Instagram goals.

Cannagram has a team of Instagram experts at your disposal that can help you with growth, content creation, account safety, and more.

Let’s start your Instagram journey together.